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This is a group for people who may think differently than the majority of others around them. Just to give off a few examples: Think Beyonce is overrated? Think any Disney movie is better than Frozen? Think Obama was an outstanding president? Do you like broccoli? Think Serena is the worst Pokegirl? Are you an anime fan who DOESN'T listen to K-Pop? Do you actually LIKE Sakura Haruno? Well all these and more are welcome here! If you have an unpopular opinion about anything, you can totally put it in this group. All we ask is that you stay mature, and if anyone thinks differently than you, just ignore it, or kindly tell them why and perhaps start friendly debates! Let's all be friends and try to get along and share things we feel that others might not! Don't hop on those silly bandwagons! :D

We allow:
Fanfictions, Reviews, Drawings, Rants, Stamps, etc.

Rules Are:
Don't be rude and mean and stuff, and your opinion should really be something most others don't agree with^^

The featured folder is for things that you don't think goes anywhere else.
Founded 7 Months ago
Mar 4, 2017


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54 Members
53 Watchers
2,957 Pageviews
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Britt: Hey guys! We've got 52 members now, and it's looking pretty great! But lately, some rules haven't been followed by some people here. Not tryna call anybody out, but I hope if you're a member of this group and you've been doing these things, I'd really appreciate it if you read this blog entry. It just helps me out so I don't have to constantly fix stuff ;)

Well first off I'd really like it if people submitted their works to the "correct" folders. Seems some folks haven't been putting things in the right folders and have instead been putting them in the featured folder. Please note that the featured folder is only for stuff that really and truly do NOT belong in any of the other folders.
If your deviation has something to do with specific characters, then PLEASE submit it to the "Unpopular Character Opinions" folder. If your deviation has something to do with movies (any kind of movie) then PLEASE submit it to the "Unpopular Movie Opinions" folder. If the deviation has anything to do with video games, then PLEASE submit it to the "Unpopular Video Game Opinions" folder. For TV shows, PLEASE submit things related to TV shows (and I mostly mean live action shows like "Supernatural" or "iCarly" but cartoons/anime are welcome in this folder as well. As long as they come on TV. NOT the internet please.) but PLEASE put these things in the "Unpopular TV Shows Opinions" folder. The "People and Celebrities" folder, is for REAL people that ACTUALLY exist. "Cartoon and Anime" folder is for CARTOONS AND ANIME (not just anime. I think some people got that confused.) Book folder is for books, stamp folder is for stamps, drawing folder if for THINGS YOU DREW THAT YOU DON'T THINK ARE VERY POPULAR. PLEASE do NOT put things in the WRONG folder. I don't think it's very hard to follow this rule, right? Just put things where they belong. It gets kind of annoying having to take things out of certain folders and putting them where they belong. If the folder is full, then please let me know and I will make a new one. But again, PLEEEEEEEASE put things WHERE THEY BELONG. I don't wanna reject anything submitted to the wrong place, but if this keeps up I might have to :iconsighingplz:

My next rule is that this group (as the name suggests) is for "UNPOPULAR opinions." This was pointed out to me by someone else, but this group is for things that are unpopular, and it seems some people might be submitting things  that are NOT unpopular. This group is NOT for random things that you want to share with people. There are other groups on this site for that, but this is NOT one of them. The things submitted here MUST be something UNPOPULAR. Something you may like that others hate and vice versa. I've gotten a bit lazy with checking things submitted here and just letting folks submit whatever, but I'm gonna put my foot down soon. Please NO NOT submit things here that ARE NOT UNPOPULAR. PLEASE.

And that's pretty much it for now. I really hope people read this. Anyway, have a nice day and PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES. THERE AREN'T MUCH.
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Unpopular Character Opinions
Character Comparison: Lucy H./Lisanna S. by CBCAnime
Official Stop the Bash poster by stormpuma
Unpopular Video Game Opinions
FNAF Favorite Meme 3 by KyuubiVictoria
FNAF Favorite Meme 1 by KyuubiVictoria
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Lucky and Two-tone's Date by xXXMizanXXx


My Honest and Unpopular thoughts on Pokemon anime
Since Pokémon: I Choose You is coming to theaters in US to celebrate its 20th anniversary, I think it's time for to give away my honest and unpopular opinions on the anime series
* I love Misty as a character but I don't ship Pokeshipping
* I like Max even though I hate it when he steals the Balance Badge from Ash
* Dawn is The Best Female Travel Companion of Ash
* Even though Amourshipping is my OTP, but I honestly ship Pearlshipping too
* Tracey isn't that bad and I found him an ok character 
* Infernape is Ash's best Pokemon 
* As much I love Johto Saga and Ash & Gary's battle was pretty awesome but I think Ash's story should of end after his victory in the Orange League and start new seasons with new main protagonist(s) just like in the mangas 
* XY saga would be my favorite of all if Ash would of won the Kalos League or at least keep his Ash-Greninja
* I honestly have mixed feeling towards Paul
* Ash and Paul's final battle is better than Ash and Gary's bat
:iconfiremaster92:FireMaster92 9 8
Top 10 Shippings I Rather Like As Close Friends by FireMaster92 Top 10 Shippings I Rather Like As Close Friends :iconfiremaster92:FireMaster92 25 81 Character Comparison 9 - Female Companions by Mercury-Ami Character Comparison 9 - Female Companions :iconmercury-ami:Mercury-Ami 6 5
Death Battle - Lana vs Misty
Wiz: Pokemon, a series that has stood the test of time.
Boomstick: Celebrating it's 20th anniversary at the time of this episode, Pokemon has recently begun it's seventh generation.
Wiz: Yes, Pokemon has come a long way, and through all the games, one tradition has stayed true.
Boomstick: Trainers who specialize in a specific type of Pokemon!
Wiz: That's right, Boomstick, and today we are taking a look at these two ladies, who both specialize in water types, and are the second member of their respective groups.
Boomstick: Yeah, you have to fight Kahuna Hala before Lana, but he's a kahuna. When just going by trial captains, the second one would be Lana, big sister to all!
Wiz: Just like how Kanto's second gym leader is Misty, the tomboyish "mermaid"....well that's the title she goes by anyway.
Boomstick: Both will be given their game teams, and their anime personalities. And for the sake of fairness, Lana will not be using her Totem Wishiwashi, due to it's aura boosted stats. Instead wi
:iconmercury-ami:Mercury-Ami 2 2
Top 10 Characters I Like But Everyone Else Hates by dark-kunoichi92 Top 10 Characters I Like But Everyone Else Hates :icondark-kunoichi92:dark-kunoichi92 66 52
Why I Hate the Loud House Fandom
OK, I'm saying it now: I am starting to despise the Loud House fandom. Not the show mind you, but the, not all of the fans of the series are bad -- heck, some are rather friendly -- a majority are childish. I love the show, but I can't stand these people: they complain about episodes if they concern Lincoln getting screwed over in some way. I mean, good god, they'd probably rave if Lincoln stubbed his toe. Case in point: No Such Luck. Now, I don't hate this episode primarily because Lincoln brought it on himself. Granted, the punishment went out of hand, but I didn't feel offended by any means. I felt that the episode was trying to say that if you lie, you end up getting left out. Yes, I know Lincoln gets thrown out of his house as well as having all of his furniture sold, but I felt that some fans were blowing the episode out of proportion. I mean look at "Brawl in the Family;" what does that episode teach? That you should butt out of others' business?
:iconaustindr:AustinDR 15 20
Reasons to HATE the Loud House
 1. The mean-spirited tone: Of course, I completely understand if anyone despises the show for this reason. At times, the characters are unlikable, and there is a sense of a hateful tone in some of the episodes. For instance, Lincoln often tends to be on the receiving end of harsh jokes, and is often the one to get hurt the most. Besides that, the Loud kids fight each other often, they sometimes lack redeeming traits, etc. It doesn't go as far as say Family Guy in its cruelty, but I can understand if the mean-spirited tone is off putting to some.
2. The fandom: With every fandom, there are good fans, and then there's the bad fans. These fans often get up in arms whenever Lincoln faces the slightest disadvantage, they demonize his sisters to make them seem to be evil personified. Alternatively, the sisters are divided into two groups: the mean sisters and the good sisters. Or there are also times when some of the fans target other cartoons that they despise; fo
:iconaustindr:AustinDR 13 30
10 Least Favorite Ships of Mine by PurfectPrincessGirl 10 Least Favorite Ships of Mine :iconpurfectprincessgirl:PurfectPrincessGirl 55 182
Bleedman sucks.
Bleedman sucks, and here's why.
1. Bleedman OC's are hideously Sue-ified. It's true, just ask Sid about it. MiniMandy has got to be one of the biggest damn Sues the world has ever seen. Don't believe me? Look at the part where she fights Oogie! She fucking completely owns the shit out of the guy. Then she only gets caught by that damn robot because she was all like "weeeh, big brother you is so meeeeean!" You know why Jr. got mad at her? BECAUSE SHE'S A FUCKING SUE! And Grim Jr. sucks too! He's annoying and dim.
2. Bleedman basically said 'Fuck you' to his fans. Before Bleedman started on the weirdass comic on crack, Sugar Bits, he took a poll to see what people wanted him to do. Almost everyone voted for either 'continue the ppg doujin' or 'continue grim tales.' Guess what he did? Did he do either of those? Nope. He submitted a journal saying, more or less that he'd seen the results of the poll, but that he was just going to do whatever the hell he wanted. HE'S BLEEDMAN DAMMIT! Then h
:iconspookybishop:Spookybishop 15 85
I'm Not a VenturianTale SJW Stamp by Kirbymasters87 I'm Not a VenturianTale SJW Stamp :iconkirbymasters87:Kirbymasters87 1 13 AntiZutara Motivational Poster by Nekomi109 AntiZutara Motivational Poster :iconnekomi109:Nekomi109 133 222 Anti-Makorra by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Anti-Makorra :iconhaters-gonna-hate-me:Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me 129 144 Whiteling's top 10 hated by whitelighter5 Whiteling's top 10 hated :iconwhitelighter5:whitelighter5 15 27 top 10 hated pairings by Sketch-Shepherd top 10 hated pairings :iconsketch-shepherd:Sketch-Shepherd 27 57 Kataang Fan Stamp 2 by misspixyee Kataang Fan Stamp 2 :iconmisspixyee:misspixyee 330 15









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Here's my unpopular opinion. This group is overrated and so are unpopular opinions in general.
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You hid the comment I replied too huh?

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Too bad Jaylop97 agreed with me though. He well, look at his first comment please. K?

And the only reason I became relevant again was because devilboy tried to send me this video.…

Seems like a good song. :D I sang along to the lyrics. Not that I'm much of a singer.
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And you're hating on a certain group, just because said group was founded by someone you happen to hate just because they don't support Amourshipping exactly as you do!
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Britt: Do you have something against me or the group I've made? Cause it seems you do.
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You probably could care less, but hey. You do you.
Jaylop97 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Until the day this group starts being about "Unpopular Opinions" instead of various opinions that are nothing but well known opinions shared across their selective fandom and users that disable their comments I am going to split from this group. I have gotten pretty sick seeing this combination it is just overdone and goes against this group's real purpose. If anything there really isn't a thing as unpopular opinions, they are opinions treat them as such. 

And another thing Pokemon is pretty much the dominating thing in this group.
ChaosHuddy Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You made some really good points. It's takes more than Pokémon for an unpopular opinion and I have a feeling they're new to making groups.

As for Britt, she's not sorry.
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Britt: Um....I'm sorry?
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This group was made for me!
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